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Charline's Books

Transforming Board Leadership and Culture


Offering insights into restructuring conventional attitudes, in board leadership.  Each chapter ends with discussion starter questions and practical application methods for amplifying the competence and capacity of the board. 

Strengthening Faith-based Board Relationships


This book helps Board of Directors sitting at the boardroom table of faith-based organizations to utilize 7 powerful spiritual keys to support strong relationships that lead to synergy and collaborative dynamic deliberations on organizational matters.

Children's book on building friendships and positive thinking


Lessons in friendship, positive thinking, compassion and diversity illustrated by a couple of mischievous puppies who learn to spread an attitude of caring and sharing good.  

Spiritual Practices for Staying Positive and Inspired


This book reveals 50 Powerful Prayer Practices to support an attitude of positive thinking, building faith, and strengthening inspiration for working toward a fulfilling life for self and others.

A workbook to support spiritual practices in Pray Up Your Life


The book is a companion workbook to Pray Up Your Life.  It is filled with exercises and activities to strengthen ones faith, hope and positive attitude.

Short Stories with a positive uplifting message for personal growth


12 Short stories each one centers around a different type of shoe worn by characters to learn valuable inspirational life lessons.

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About Charline...


Born in Detroit Michigan

Charline started her writing career even before she knew that's what she wanted to do.  She began writting short notes on pieces of paper as soon as she could hold a pencil and put a few thoughts on paper to her brothers and sisters.  Being the 7th child of 8 siblings, writing was a way to escape when she wanted to and express her thoughts when it was difficult to get a word in otherwise.


With Double Bachelor Degrees and a Master's Degree, Charline went on to earn a Seminary education that lead to 22 years of faith-based work inspiring people to live their best life.

Life Experience


Charline is an inspirational keynote speaker, presenter, workshop facilitator and board consultant. In her consulting work  she leads seminars, retreats and workshops that empower boards with education and training programs on topics of Inclusive Leadership, Building Board Capacity, Effective Governance and Compassionate leadership.  At the heart of her board work, Charline utilizes the ideas presented in two of her books:  The Power of One Accord for faith-based organizations and Boardroom Culture Shock for nonprofit organizations.

Professional Accomplishments

Charline has led initiatives for clean water in Africa, partnered to build a school in Haiti, peace immersion in Costa Rica and was a presenter at the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions in Toronto Canada.   


Founder and chief executive of One Accord Strategies, Inc. a Maryland-based, company. She works with nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations strengthening their board leadership capacity.  Charline serves on several boards, she teaches courses on board leadership and facilitates board workshops and retreats around the country.

Currently lives...

Charline currently makes her home in Maryland.  She is the proud mother of two adult children and two grandchildren.

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Charline Manuel, Author

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